And Then There Was None

I haven’t written in two weeks, but that’s because it’s been a crazy two weeks to say the least. If you follow me on Twitter, then you’ll know what this is about.

Tucker went back to his foster mom today.

He was a wonderful dog, and we fell in love with him instantly, but, unfortunately, he had a prey drive, and was taking it out on Jersey.

After the first night, and the first snip, I thought he was just adjusting to her.

After the first attack, I thought maybe I was mistaking play for fighting.

After the second attack, I started to have doubts.

After the (thankfully only attempted, as I had him on a leash) third attack, all within 2 weeks, Paul and I made the toughest decision of our lives, and decided to return him to the rescue group.

I’ve been crying all week, so today, when it was actually time to bring him back, I was much more composed that I thought I’d be. And actually, I probably wouldn’t have cried at all; I was at peace with the decision, except for the fact that Paul was crying when I got in the car.

Stoic boyfriend crying never helps.

We will heal. Jersey will prosper. Tucker will find a new home.

But there will always be a tiny, Boston Terrier sized hole in our hearts.

Bye, Little Buddy, Mommy will miss you...


Welcome Home, Tucker

He’s had a busy afternoon, full of car rides and PetSmart and new smells, but Tucker is home with us and a full-fledged member of our family and we couldn’t be happier! Welcome Home, Tuckleberry Finn!

I made myself right at home on the couch

I met my sister, Jersey. She's a little scared of me, but I don't mind her. Mom and Dad are keeping their eyes on us.

Happiness is a warm couch and a family that loves me!

Shipping Up To Boston

Can we Puh-Leeze discuss this face?


We are madly in love with him, and we’ve only known him for a day. His name is Tucker, he’s 6, he weighs about 15lbs, he’s mellow but not lethargic, and we LURVE him.

We got the call on Sunday night that the adoption group we’re working with had a possible match, and we made arrangements to meet him today. The actual foster mom wasn’t there (she runs a doggie day care, and had to step out, so her employees introduced us to Tucker) so we are going to call her tomorrow and find out what the next step is to get him.


Paul and I are both incredibly excited. And, we think we did a smart thing. I brought a sock with me and rubbed it all over Tucker before we left, and then when I got home just threw it on the living room floor and left it there for Jersey to sniff and get used to. She’s been sniffing it a bit and hopefully it will help her be used to Tuck’s scent when, yes I’m saying when in an optimistic way, he comes home.